Eva was cursed, and all of humanity fell into a deep sleep. The terrifying creature who cursed her only told her she could lift the curse with True Love’s Kiss. Desperate to escape her lonely existence, she heads out hoping she could find someone awake. Among the cryptids and creatures creeping out as mankind sleeps, Eva stops at a gas station and finds Will, her friend who skipped town after she broke his heart… But if True Love’s Kiss will wake everyone up, how could she find love with someone who doesn’t love her back?

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    Flock Block Posts

    Here are some of the behind the scenes posts about the creation of the process so far.
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    When the World Went to Sleep

    I took a creative writing class in high school. It was a snow day, and where I lived they had “NTI days,” where even though it was a snow day, the teachers had to give us online assignments or send us home with a packet to do or something. Personally, I hated them with everything … Read more

    The Inspiration for Lonely Awake

    Lonely Awake was my first major project I published. I had been writing my entire childhood, but by the time I graduated high school, I couldn’t shake that I felt called to be writing stories. So as I was working on my graphic design projects for clients during the day, I would be up late … Read more

    Why we’re writing Lonely Awake.

     This story is about sexuality and identity. Our culture has a very broken and hurt view of love, sex, and romance.  And it’s rooted in a deeply deformed, selfish connection with ourselves. There was a sweet meme I saw about a newly married couple. They were on their way home from their honeymoon, and the … Read more

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    Updates from the Team

    Lonely Awake is COMING!

    Hey guys. I am so excited to officially announce that we are revamping Lonely Awake! It’s been a project that I have had lots of people request I come back to, and a project I think about a lot, wondering how I could elaborate and change it.  If you would like to follow the process … Read more

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