Meet The Crew

Megan Redmon

The Bitsy Artist

Mom, wife, and writer. Catch me at me at my desk making faces at my paper tryna get that expression just right. When I’m not drawing or writing, I am spending time with my family and friends, playing Dungeons and Dragons, or tending to my plants while jamming out to switchfoot.

What do I do?
I write these stories storyboard chapters, lead project development, sketch episodes, draw the flats, and put in lighting and backgrounds.

Audrey Fitch

Writer, Artist

Hi I’m Audrey, I’m 26, and I never learned how to read. Just kidding! I’m displexic and am pretty ok at art. When I’m not working, you can find me with my family or gaming with friends. I know this isn’t for a dating site, but sure does feel like it! I promise I’m a professional.

What do I do?
I shade the artwork, help storyboard and develop the plots on Lonely Awake and Nonesuch, assist in choreography for action scenes, and provide snacks to the office.


Martha Haynes

Team Rep, Writer

Storyteller, artist and dog enthusiast. My star sign is Hufflepuff (Slytherin rising) and I am hopelessly in love with two men. Jesus and my amazing husband. “Love God and Love Others” are the words I live by and I am very blessed to be a part of the Bitsy Productions team. If you can’t find me in the company of my chaotic friends, I am most likely holed up in a library or café somewhere chugging copious amounts of coffee.

What do I do?
I assist in marketing and networking, rep the team at conventions, occasionally write content for Nonesuch flock block posts, and remind everyone to go touch grass.

Kendall Taylor

Writer, Campaigner

I am known as “Deado” by the little ones in my life that can’t pronounce my name. You would likely catch me biking around town with a camera and eating out with friends or yelling at my screen in the middle of the night while playing video games online. In a 30 minute conversation with me, we would talk about funny stories or political dystopias. I love to shoot with my dad, sing for my mama, or listen to music in the car with my aunt. I’m grateful for all of the people and adventures God put in my life and I am always looking for more.

What do I do?
I’m currently focused on Beck Rabytt as co-lead writer, but I also help out in editing Lonely Awake, and come up with marketing campaigns and social media posts.


Joseph Redmon

Finance & Stock Management

“Hey, babe, can you write something in for yourself on the crew page?”
“I don’t know, just write something for me.”

What do I do?
I manage stock and ship books, keep the site updated, and make sure orders come in and go out on time.

J.T. Brandt


I’m a dreamer and an adventurer at heart. That’s why I shipped off to teach English in Japan for four years, wrote my first original book, and became the Sage of Sushi (ask me about it!). I love a good story no matter what medium it’s in. Books, Comics, Anime, Film, Video games, my crazy night visions! At any one time, I’m into at least five different stories not including my own. That’s why I’m so thankful for the creativity the ultimate Creator has given me and the opportunity to use it as part of the Bitsy team and be around others as passionate and creative as I am.

What do I do?
I’m lead editor on Lonely Awake, and one of the editors on Beck Rabytt catching inconsistencies and plot holes.

Blaize Haynes


Did you know this blurb can be clicked to go to a special link?

What do I do?
(I’m lead writer on a project coming up, “Zero to Hero.”)