Welcome to the town of Nonesuch. The rules are simple: You can not escape unless you leave with the person you came in with, but as Connor and Bridget discover, finding your partner is not so easy when there are dozens of copies of them wandering the old western grounds of Nonesuch… Itching to become more and more like their hosts- questioning them and stalking them to learn more about who they are. Connor and Bridget may know each other, but they’re about to learn just how little they know about themselves.

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Recent Updates from the Crew

The Inspiration for Nonesuch

The whole idea came from a dream. I know, it’s kind of underwhelming. I was wandering around in a dark forest, looking for my husband, Joe. I hugged him and felt relief when I finally found him… But the thing is, when I looked at him, it… wasn’t him. It looked like him, but I … Read more

Six Gun City

I really needed reference photos. I was trying to put the assets for the town together, and found myself researching ghost towns. I needed one that looked western, but also… in the middle of the forest. It was a high request, but eventually, I found Six Gun City. It was PERFECT, it looked exactly how … Read more

The Beginning of A Crew

I had just finished my first experimental project, Lonely Awake. The last book was shipped that day, a fun night with my mom packing up stickers and books and taking them to the post office to ship. And that exact night, I had a dream. I was wandering around in a dark forest, when I … Read more

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