Willy’s Secret Sticker Society

Willy's Secret Sticker Society


    Free Sticker.
    Once a month.


    Well, we’re trying to move on from social media.

    We don’t like what it does to you, and we’re sure you don’t either. The addiction, the obsession, the way everyone says you have to have it to have a successful business… what if you didn’t?

    Still, we need to stay connected with you all.

    So, we’re reassigning those valuable dollar signs and precious hours we used to use for social media marketing and putting it to better use. Why shove an ad in your face for two seconds when we can actually use that money to give you something worth your time? Something that… you know… sticks?

    We got an email newsletter, which you can join here, but to keep your hands and eyes in the real world, we decided to physically mail out abridged updates as well. Read it, take it in, and move on with your life. No sneaky, mindless gateway to doomscrolling and no need to give us validation with a like or a reshare.

    Then, as a thank you for keeping up with our work, we put a fun sticker in with each monthly letter. Different design each month, not any Lonely Awake or Nonesuch stickers, just a fun stand-alone design someone on the team makes for each month. Different styles, different subjects, all free. Just so we can keep a connection going with you. Our team puts each sticker in each envelope and write your address on it ourselves. We’re aiming to cultivate a deep relationship with our audience we have, not gain a shallow, wide reach.

    So you’re invited to join, again, free!