Lonely Awake is COMING!

(This is some old concept for the revamp)

Hey guys.

I am so excited to officially announce that we are revamping Lonely Awake!
It’s been a project that I have had lots of people request I come back to, and a project I think about a lot, wondering how I could elaborate and change it. 

If you would like to follow the process as we make it, we already have some content you can check out in the Flock Block for Lonely Awake, but I would like to give you all a bit more of a personal behind-the-scenes here.

What’s gonna be different in the new Lonely Awake?

We are so excited to retell the story of Will and Eva (and of course Odie) with more depth and character development, new exciting events, and of course, the previous story’s theme of Love. We have a lot of development in the works, and we firmly believe this story will show the true bond and balance of masculinity and femininity, the truth of what love really is outside of this twisted world’s surface-level definition, and how our natural identities play into the big picture through service, humility, responsibility, and acceptance.

The story will be a bit different than before, in a fairly similar way to what we did with Nonesuch. Some of the old major points of the story might be a bit different this time around, and we have a couple of pretty big twists we’ll be taking in the story that weren’t in the original version.

What are we up to in the meantime?

I’m stringing plot points together on a crime web, and drawing each of these new characters already way too many times, Audrey is viciously scribbling shadows across those drawings, and J.T. is editing like a mad man. (And then we decide we just have to start all over.) Martha is telling everyone and their mother about it, and Joe is ominously standing over a spreadsheet ready to mail orders. The post it notes are strewn about the office. The computer files are very, very large. The Christmas lights are up in the office illuminating our late nights working, and the ol’ proofs of chapter one sit right here next to me on the desk. Looking slick. Yes, progress, finally.

When is it going up? How often?
My team and I will be posting it here to BitsyComics.com once a month starting on January 27th, but we’re already shipping the book once a month to anyone who wants to sign up for that here! You can read a month early that way, we even throw in special packaging every month with some stickers and drawings too.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this long update and, again, I am so excited about our new project!